About Us

EDF Concrete Construction, Inc. was opened spring of 2010 by owner Edward D Franczyk.

Our family owned and operated business employs over 15 workers utilizing modern machinery such as boom trucks, aluminum forms with the capability of any foundation wall height, and a variety of  equipment to service any type of  job.  We believe that a reputation of  being an honest and reliable business is the key building block to success.  By being a trustworthy company, we continue to enjoy a long term business relationship within our community.

EDF Concrete Construction, Inc. is available for all of your concrete needs.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (815) 464-4700 for a free no obligation quote!


Spring - 2011
Above:  Our two girls posing for a picture in the flatwork truck.
Below:  Visiting Ed at work one day and posing for a picture on the Bobcat.
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